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Links to our participants and friends:

Celtic Cultural Center of Madison, WI
Celtic Cultural Center
of Madison, WI
Cambrian Heritage Society of Madison, WI
Cambrian Heritage Society
of Madison, WI
 Irishfest - La Crosse 6th Annual Dubuqueland Irish Hooley, Dubuque, IA Midwest Cornish Festival, Mineral Point, WI 1-week summer Welsh language classes and a lot of Welsh links Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre Stock dog demos Welsh-American newspaper Welsh news, language lessons, Celtic culture Welsh news from around the world Lots of Welsh news and activities aimed at expats, but all are welcome Sponsors many Chicago-area Welsh activities North American Festival of Wales -- they had their 2008 convention in Chicago in August A Scottish Government initiative managed by EventScotland in partnership with VisitScotland Wealth of information about Gordon Clan History , Gordon Septs and Gordon history