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Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to make this a great event.

Volunteer assignments are available in three-hour blocks, and all volunteers will be allowed free entry to the event.

Volunteer activities include:
  • Selling Event Entry Tickets
  • Pre-Event Site Setup
  • Event Logistics
  • Post-Event Site Cleanup
Volunteer application        

We acknowledge the committment of these volunteers in 2008:

April Wunderlin
Chad Buterbaugh
Edie Ferguson
George Ferron
Jack Dillon
Janelle Paske
Jim Harrington
John Gorman
Kristin Jeffries
Kurt Larsen
Larry Lowden
Len Everett
LuAnn Ferron
Marge Zwickel
Mary Dillon
Maura Devanie
Melissa Clifton
Mickie Fladvid
Rob Jeffries
Sally Ring
Sandra Everson
Stephanie Lowden
Sue Cowan
Susan Gorman
Vicki York

   These bands volunteered to perform:

Cashel Dennehy Dancers
Rising Gael
Cambrian Singers
Michael Doran - Jill Shelton
Zor Shrine Pipe Band
Jim Wearne
Rolling Wave
Tom Greenhlagh & Sean Dargan
R. Humphries
Celia Farran
Celtic Fusion
Turner and Company
Green Tea

Volunteers receive the following benefits for a 3-hour shift:

Free Entry
Commerative T-shirt
Food and Drink Voucher